Project Description

There are few things in flying as important as proper training. Today’s airplanes are highly reliable and safe, but unfortunately, some pilots are not. It is absolutely essential that we as pilots hold ourselves to the highest possible standards, and the only way to do that is through the best possible training. Streamline Aviation has trained me for both my private pilot license, and instrument rating. The training experience at Streamline is comprehensive, up-to-date, and fun. It has made me a safer pilot, and the ongoing training has helped me to move to more capable, complex aircraft. The same instructors I worked with three years ago are still with Streamline today. These are folks you can count on to be there from ground school to a successful checkride. I not only continue to train with Streamline, but trust their pilots to fly my family. For anyone wishing to earn a private pilot certificate, or to expand their horizons with an instrument rating, I highly recommend Streamline Aviation.

Scott Zodin
Austin, TX

Training Details

Course:  IFR (Traditional)

Airport:  KAUS

Aircraft:  Cessna 206