Project Description

I found the accelerated IFR course to be a perfect fit for me. Before beginning my training I asked opinions from many pilots – probably just like you have! I heard from most that trained the traditional way – one lesson per week, that they were pleased, but it took them an average of 9-10 months or longer to finish. Some said that accelerated training was like trying to drink from a “fire hose”! These were also the pilots that trained the traditional way. The several that I contacted that had used the accelerated method said it was work but they were glad they made that choice. I found the training to be fun (flying ALWAYS beats working) and challenging. Training the entire time with an excellent instructor I feel is much better than some with instructor and some with a safety pilot. The combination of simulator and flying was a great benefit. At the completion of my training I felt very prepared and confident. I knew how to plan, file, and fly an IFR flight. Matt and Corey’s integrity, professionalism, skill and knowledge will impress you.

Danny Baker
Baton Rouge, LA

Training Details

Course:  10-Day IFR

Airport:  KBTR

Aircraft:  Piper Cherokee