Frequently Asked Questions

Is full-time flight training really the best way to learn this stuff?

We absolutely think so. Professional pilots such as those flying for an airline, a corporate flight department, or the U.S. military have benefited from full-time flight training for decades. Compared to the sporadic nature of traditional flight training, full-time training has proven to provide a better learning experience. Additionally, you will avoid common frustrations such as relearning previously covered material or adjusting to multiple flight instructors. Therefore, it is much easier to develop the good habit patterns essential for safe flying.

What does a typical training day consist of?

A typical training day is designed to be completed in a total of eight hours. Each day usually begins with a comprehensive, but concise ground lesson that covers important knowledge topics. The ground lesson is guided by a well-illustrated slide show and takes about two hours to complete. This is followed by approximately five hours of flight training than can be accomplished in two or more flights using the simulator and/or airplane.

Can I divide my training program into separate sessions?

Yes. Our instrument rating program is designed to be completed in a total of 10 cumulative days; however, these days need not be accomplished consecutively. You have the option of dividing your training into separate segments such as two 5-day sessions or more. We will do what it takes to make the timing of your training program convenient and comfortable.

Does Streamline Aviation offer a “Finish-Up” course for pilots with previous instrument training?

Yes. Generally speaking, our training program requires one fewer day for every 5 hours of previous instrument training experience. This has proven to be an accurate estimate, but also depends on the quality and recency of such experience. After discussing your previous training, we will outline a customized plan of completion to match your specific needs.

Can I choose the FAA examiner that will conduct my practical test?

Yes. We realize that you may want to use the same examiner that issued your private pilot certificate and/or one with whom you are already familiar. Otherwise, we will select an examiner that is near your area and referred by other local flight instructors. In either case, your instructor will consult with the examiner prior to your practical test.

What if I am not a U.S. Citizen?

Provided that you have an appropriate visa for training in the United States, you are eligible for flight training. However, as a Non-U.S. Citizen, you must complete the Alien Flight Student Program assigned by the Transportation Security Administration. The application for this program is online at:

Does Streamline Aviation provide anything other than instrument flight training?

Yes. We offer a 3-day instrument knowledge test course for pilots that need to complete their written test. Additionally, we also specialize in transition training for new aircraft owners and recurrent training for instrument-rated pilots.

How do I get started?

To get started, just give us call or send us an email. The enrollment process is easy and only takes a few minutes. We simply gather some information, secure your initial deposit, and ship the training materials directly to your door. Lastly, your flight instructor will contact you for an introduction and to discuss any remaining details.

For additional questions please contact us at your convenience.

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