Project Description

I’m standing here beside my Cherokee in Brownwood, TX and my examiner has just told me, “Good job, you passed your IFR Checkride!” That in itself is not so unusual, but it is unusual that this is after only 10 days of formal training from Streamline Aviation based at KAUS in Austin, TX.

As an owner of two small businesses it was important that the schedule to train was my own. It was also a requirement that the training be of high quality. I wanted to achieve a real-world understanding of the IFR system so that I would have a good and safe foundation to grow from.

Enter Matt Quillen, owner of Streamline Aviation and my instructor for this course. I can’t say enough about Matt’s instruction technique with a 51 year old, 200 hr private pilot. He is a true teacher with a passion for instruction, aviation and anything else he does. The days were long and thorough. Matt arrived at my house on time each day and we started with a discussion of the plan for the day, ground school refreshers and oral exam preparation. We were soon headed to the airport for instruction in my Cherokee or to one of two simulator sessions which were so cost effective in teaching approaches and holds. His technique kept me challenged but not overwhelmed and he could answer any question with any level of depth I was interested in. He was both encouraging but mindfully critical of communicating what needed improvement, perfect for my style of learning. I can honestly say that each day I was the one declaring the end of the day. Matt would just keep on going until I felt I had mastered a level of competency of the day’s lesson. Early on as I was wondering how I would master all that was required in such a short time, Matt assured me that no matter what it took, in just 10 days I would be IFR rated. He was right.

It’s so rare these days to find a business or individual so committed to delivering on their promise and product. Streamline Aviation and Matt Quillen have exceeded all expectations in helping me achieve my IFR rating in a short time, on my own schedule. I would highly recommend Streamline Aviation, their weekend IFR knowledge prep course and their Accelerated IFR training for anyone looking to grow their love and knowledge of aviation.

Best Regards,

Duff Young
Spicewood, TX

Training Details

Course:  10-Day IFR

Airport:  88R

Aircraft:  Piper Cherokee