Project Description

What a great experience.

I have to say that using Matt Quillen with Streamline Aviation was one of the best decisions I’ve made with training. I, like many other working folk, don’t have the luxury of scheduling flight training around someone else’s availability. It was easier for me to set aside 10 consecutive days totally immersed than an hour here or an hour there during the course of a week. I felt there was a good chance of having to restudy or go back over covered material with traditional instrument training due to my busy schedule.

With Matt, I not only learned how to fly instruments, I found a great friend and you can bet if I need an instructor in the future and he’s available, he’s the guy. His love for flying and teaching is evident making learning a breeze. His enthusiasm is contagious making time fly during the 10 day course. I can’t say enough about the great experience I had with Matt in the air or in the classroom.

Thanks again Matt for opening another door to aviation. I think it’s time we head down to Belize for some real cross-country work. I’ll buy the gas if you bring the Spanish/English dictionary.

Austin Charlton
Dripping Springs, TX

Training Details

Course:  10-Day IFR

Airport:  88R

Aircraft:  Beechcraft Baron